Friday, 16 April 2010


I found this really cool camera in a charityshop for £7 yesterday, the guy had tested it so it works and everything okay... I have loaded some black and white film in it (whether I have done this right I do not know, only the results of the photographs will tell!) and the camera made some crazy noises, so this first roll will just be a play around, I'm excited to see how they come out!

I also came across a book by Rob Penn called 'The sky is falling on our heads' which I am looking forward to reading.

The book cover is illustrated by Sara Fanelli who has done some really cool artwork for various things. I recieved her book 'Sometimes I think Sometimes I am' for Christmas, it is really cool. I never tire of looking through it, a good present indeed!

'To write a weepy poem, try onion juice!' Stephanie Mallarme.

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