Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mug Making Mania!

Lately, I have been going mug making mad and I love it. These are a couple of my first ones that I have just finished! I am really enjoying making them and I am pleased with the way they have turned out. Although it is very difficult to know how the oxides and glazes will turn out, often the colours and shades aren't as you expect or hope, there are a lot of variables so I have been experimenting. I find the unpredictability exciting. Now that I have learnt mug making I want to make bowls, plates, maybe even a teaset!... You have been warned.

Birds and trees.


  1. where do you make these mugs emily? At uni? Great! you should start selling them!

  2. Ohh thankss yess I have gone mug making mad at uni, I really would like to sell them if I could, just need to get the hang of the techniques fully as it is my first try at ceramics, it takes a long time but I am really loving it! Next... plates! Heh.